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Pastor Powe and his wife

Biography of Kevin B. Powe: From the Pit to the Pulpit

Kevin B. Powe was born in Trenton, NJ. As he grew into a young man, the streets where he played with other children quickly became the stage for a life of sin in which the influences were unwholesome at best. It was in such an environment that, in 1979, he received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. God delivered him from drugs, alcohol, and an overall wayward lifestyle. In recognition of his labor in the city of Trenton, the Honorable Mayor Douglas H. Palmer granted him an official proclamation. His dramatic testimony of deliverance was televised on The 700 Club. Additionally, he was a speaker on TBN's "Praise the Lord," television program. His ministry was also featured on The Word Network, during a half-hour segment as well as a special series entitled "Fresh Fire." From June 2012 to February 2015, he was a part of The Impact Network Television Station and aired several times a week on both the Regional and National channels.

Despite his considerable indifference toward much of his previous secular education, he was remarkably anointed by God to achieve Valedictorian, after attending the International Bible Institute and Seminary. He also received his Practical Theology Degree and Bible Teacher’s Certificate.

Numerous people from all walks of life have been blessed and transformed by what the Lord has inspired him to write. He has thus far written 9 profound books. The Spirit of David has instructed many in the characteristics and cultivation of a David anointing, while The Price of a Great Anointing has stirred countless readers to pursue a higher level of consecration to God. In How to Keep the Eye of the Tiger he delineates the strategies for maintaining and developing one’s fellowship with God amid all manner of spiritual warfare.

God has used Prophet Powe to bless an entire generation by inspiring them to strive for a greater mastery of our Lord and Savior’s example in The Jesus Walk. In Lust Not After His or Her Beauty in Thy Heart, the Holy Spirit deals with root causes of problems that many Christians face in their sexuality, and in Steps to the Promise Land, the tactics of faith and trust in God are made plain. God’s seasoning and preparation of His ministry is expounded in God Uses the Tried Stone, helping leaders of all ages pursue their calling according to God’s plan. In Beware of the 8th Evil, Prophet Powe reveals the origin of deceit, its consequences and the remedy. And in his newest release, The Spirit of Jealousy, he strips the spirit of jealousy of its attire, exposing it for what it really is - a killer.

Kevin Powe is a special messenger from God who travels throughout the world ministering to both clergy and laity. He is an anointed vessel of honor that God has raised up in this end-time hour to impart strength and faith to the Body of Christ. God has given him the supernatural ability to cause Pastors and their congregations to become dissatisfied with their present level of consecration. There is a genuine apostolic and prophetic anointing upon his life. He is most definitely a special messenger from God with an anointing that captivates and arrests the hearts and minds of his listeners.

His ministry is marked by genuine love, compassion, humility, revelation of the Word, boldness, wisdom, miracles, signs, wonders, power and authority. The Lord has given Kevin Powe John 10:10 and 1 John 3:8 as the scriptures upon which to base his ministry. He is the founder of Destroyer of the destroyer Ministries, holding the position of Senior Pastor since its inception in 1992.

He currently resides in New Jersey with his lovely wife, Linda, and their four sons: Kevin, Juan, Christian and Yeshua. He also has a son, Derrick, who lives in California.

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